Asteroid heading for a close encounter with Earth on August 26, NASA warns

NASA warned that the close encounter with the Earth of Asteroid 2022 QP4 heading toward Earth will take place tomorrow, August 26. Here’s all we know…

A New Asteroid Is Approaching Earth Several asteroids have recently passed near to Earth, and another one is soon to do the same. A 40-foot asteroid known as Asteroid 2022 QP4 is currently travelling toward Earth and will miss the planet by a few million miles, according to NASA. Asteroids were constantly circling the planet in August.

The Asteroid will narrowly miss Earth on August 26:

NASA has issued a warning about the approaching asteroid 2022 QP4, which will pass Earth tomorrow, August 26, at 9:45 p.m. UTC. Astonishingly, the asteroid is travelling at a speed of 27,648 kilometres per hour. At a mere 1.4 million kilometres away, the asteroid will come closest to Earth tomorrow. With a breadth of over 40 feet, asteroid 2022 QP4 is almost as large as a bus.

Asteroid 2022 QP4 orbits the Sun in around 1065 days, according to That equates to almost three times as many days as it takes the Earth to complete one orbit. The Planetary Defense Coordination Office of NASA has designated this asteroid as a "Potentially Hazardous Object" despite the fact that it will pass safely past Earth without making an impact. This is because of how closely it will pass the globe.

DART mission by NASA is ready for its first test:

NASA can now defend the world to avert a global disaster if an asteroid is headed directly for Earth. On September 26, NASA's DART mission, which was launched in November 2021, is getting ready to collide with its intended target, asteroid Dimorphous. This experiment will enable scientists to comprehend more fully what takes place when a spacecraft collides with a space rock. If a genuine asteroid actually does threaten to strike Earth, this knowledge will be put to use.

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