Police took out woman's body from the grave.., told shocking reason

Patna: A sensational case has been heard at Sadisopur in Bihta, adjoining Bihar's capital Patna. The police came to the grave while investigating the murder case. To find out about the woman's murder, the police pulled the body out of the grave and sent it for scientific examination. Police say the secret of the murder is hidden in the corpse itself.  

A woman named Vasiya Khatun was buried after her death. The deceased woman's mother had accused the in-laws of killing her daughter. To solve the case, the police pulled the body out of the grave and decided to conduct a scientific investigation of the body. The deceased woman's mother, Shavra Khatun, reached Sadisopur from Bokaro and saw the marks of the snare around her daughter's neck and then lodged a case of murder against the in-laws and complained to the DM about the matter.

After the DM's order, the police pulled the body out of the crib and also started the proceedings of the case. Shavra Khatun says that in 2013, her daughter Wasiya Khatun got married in Bihta. Her son-in-law used to torture their daughter continuously. Vasiya has two children, whom her father used to torture. According to the mother, the accused husband had also assaulted her on March 25 and suddenly the news of her daughter's death was received on March 26. 

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