Astonishing! The worker who went to pick up the garbage found such a thing in the dustbin, was blown away after seeing it.

Indore: The bodies of two twins have been found in the dustbin of the Municipal Corporation near Bal Vidya Mandir in Indore city of Madhya Pradesh. When the sweeper reached to empty the dustbin, he found the dead bodies locked in polythene. The bodies have been sent to the district hospital for postmortem. According to Chandan Nagar TI Abhay Nema, both the newborns have been brought here in a planned manner. It is estimated that two or more than three persons are involved.

In the morning, the garbage vehicle of the Municipal Corporation reached Dhar Road to pick up the garbage from the dustbin as usual. Due to this, the corporation worker felt some heaviness in a polythene. When he opened it, he was surprised. There were two dead newborns in the bag. He gave a complaint to the Municipal Corporation Control Room. Thereafter, Chandan Nagar police reached the spot. Among the newborns were a boy and a girl. Police sent both the bodies to the hospital. The police have expressed apprehension that these children were thrown at night. Police is scanning the CCTV footage of Timber Market and its surroundings.

According to an estimate, every year there are 40-50 such cases in Indore. In which the newborn was found in bushes, garbage or in a secluded place. Monitoring is being done by the PCPNDT department by calling for regular reports from every government, private hospital, sonography centers, installing trackers in the machines. Due to this, abortion cases have almost stopped. It is allowed only in special cases after the order of the High Court. However, due to the rapid increase in the cases of live in relation, such cases have started appearing again. Recently, while living in live-in, the boy and girl had refused to adopt the newborn. Then he is placed in an institution.

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