While worshipping, if you have tears in your eyes then God is trying to say this to you

Tear in the eyes is not a big deal. In today's time, many times tears occur in the eyes without any reason. The same thing happens at times of worship. Sometimes while doing worship something strange happens to us. Like if you are doing meditation or Pooja and in the meantime, tears come out of the eyes. Well, it has a different secret which not everyone knows.

If tears come out of your eyes while doing pooja, then the divine power of God is giving any indication and today we are going to tell you about it. When you are in tears while doing meditation or recitation, it means that God is giving you a sign. This means that you have a deep relationship with the God you are worshipping, and they are listening to all your things.

When this happens, you are connected to God while doing worship. If this is happening to you then there are many temples and many gods and goddesses in India, among them you should go to any place. It is said that you pleased God with this and now all your wishes can be fulfilled.

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