Fair held in the crematorium, live crabs are offered on Shivling

Today we are going to tell you about a fair to be held in Surat, Gujarat. In fact, once a year here, such a unique fair is held in the crematorium, knowing about which your senses are going to fly away. In fact, in this fair held in the crematorium, not only the favourite things of the deceased are offered for the last wish of the dead, although live crabs are also offered as prasad in the shaman's temple. In fact, devotees coming to this Rundhanath Mahadev temple of Ramnath Ghela crematorium land of Surat are seen offering live crabs. Once a year, devotees who offer crabs on Shivling come to this temple to ask for more vows on completion of their vows.

On the day of Ekadashi of Magha month, once a year, devotees offer unique prasad and perform puja. The people behind offering crabs here believe that physical diseases are eradicated by doing so. Most especially the deafness of the ears disappears. The devotees who come to the temple have only crabs in their hands apart from other offerings. The devotees coming to this Shiva temple not only offer live crabs to the Shivling but also go to the place where the dead bodies are cremated, they offer prayers. Not only this, but those people worship here, whose last rites have taken place.

In fact, the most beloved thing of the people who have been cremated in this cremation ground is offered here on this day. It is said that by doing this, the deceased gets salvation. In fact, whether the deceased has been addicted to alcohol or any other addiction or some favourite food, all those things are offered by the family members of the deceased here. It is said that the story of this cremation ground is associated with the Ramayana period. It is said that when Lord Shri Ram was in fourteen years of exile, he passed through here. It was at this place that he got the news of the death of his father Dashrath Ji, so he had wished for salvation by giving Pind Daan at this place.

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