First look of Robert Pattinson as the batman out

Feb 14 2020 03:17 PM
First look of Robert Pattinson as the batman out

The worldwide famous comic book superheroes are fans of Batman. Films have also been made on the character of Batman. There has been talk of the movie 'The Batman' being made under the direction of Matt Reeves for quite some time. Shooting has started on January 28 and Robert Pattinson is going to be seen as Batman. Now Robert's first look as Batman has been revealed from the film.

Matt Reeves himself has shared Robert Pattinson's first look as Batman on social media. Earlier this year, the first look of Walkin Phoenix in the Oscar-winning film 'Joker' was also shared by Director Todd Phillips in a similar way. This video is of the camera test recorded for the film.

However, before Robert Pattinson, veteran artists like Christian Bale Ben Affleck and George Clooney have played the role of Batman. Apparently fans are also comparing Robert's look to the actress who played the old Batman. Some fans are not liking Robert Pattinson as Batman. Although some people have not liked this look enough.

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