ATEEZ hear racial epithets at airport in Saudi Arabia; offender detained by police

As it brought together some of the most adored acts, KCON Saudi Arabia 2022 was a highlight of the week for many K-pop fans worldwide. On Day 1 of the event, performers included THE BOYZ, Sunmi, Rain, PENTAGON, P1Harmony, and SECRET NUMBER. The fans were welcomed on Day 2 by ATEEZ, NewJeans, Hyolyn, STAYC, ONEUS, and TO1.

Boy band Since ATEEZ is particularly well-known abroad, the eight members' arrival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for their performance was welcomed by the crowd. As soon as they landed and passed through the King Khalid International Airport, people flocked to greet them and be in their presence. Despite attempts by security to stop them, several of them were able to get very near them.

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A man who wanted to hurt the group verbally was among the other individuals who were able to approach them extremely closely. He continued to insult them and use profanity while using racial slurs. He was nearby and appeared to be making fun of the cheers brought by ATEEZ supporters who were waiting to welcome them at the airport. He also published the footage on social media.

Fans expressed worry, and the video came to prominence. Many new media outlets later claimed that the offending man had been detained as a result of his activities. According to a police report, he said things that would harm a specialized band's reputation in the public eye. Fans have requested increased protection from ATEEZ's agency due to the group's frequent airport mobs, a previous incident in which a tracking device was discovered on their van, and both of the aforementioned incidents.

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