Atharvaa is the next Puratchi Nayakan: Rajamohan

Jun 23 2021 01:21 PM
Atharvaa is the next Puratchi Nayakan: Rajamohan

The recently released teaser of Address has piqued the curiosity of many. The film is based on real-life incidents, where a few villages in our country gotten left with no ‘address’ because of partition! “In 1956, when Kerala state was formed, several villages got left in the lurch – they were neither a part of Kerala nor Tamil Nadu. Similarly, I read an article in 2016, about a village that got left out during the India-Bangladesh partition, and how the few families that are still staying in the village don’t have an identity and a sense of belonging to either of the countries. These incidents left a deep impact on me and I decided to narrate the story of one such village that has no address,” begins its director, Rajamohan.

He says that the film will be character-driven, and stars Atharvaa, Essaki Bharath (of Goli Soda 2 fame), Pooja Jhaveri, Thambi Ramiah and debutante Diya in important roles. Rajamohan,  says, “He plays Kaali, a revolutionary youth, someone who fights for his village, in the film. His father, Murali, was known as Puratchi Nayakan, and if I have to give the title to someone else, I’d give it to Atharvaa.”

Talking about how the actor became a part of Address, he says, “I knew Murali sir from before and had narrated the story of my Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravum to Atharvaa first. Though he liked the story, we couldn’t work together then. He knew the story of Address as well, and we had decided to team up for this one.” The film was primarily shot in Vellakavi and Kodaikanal. “Vellakavi is a tiny hamlet, which is 8km away from Kodaikanal. It’s a trekking path and the only way to reach the village is by walking or on horseback. We also filmed a small portion in Chennai.


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