ATM user should be careful, thugs are looting money in this way

Jaipur: A new method of cheating has come to the fore, in which thugs have a break of every technique. In this, while withdrawing money from the ATM, a case of fraud with the bank has been exposed by tampering with the sensor of the CDM machine. Revealing the same gang, on Monday, Vaishali Nagar Police Station arrested two thugs based on the CCTV footage. The police have arrested the accused on this matter. In which the ATM cards of different banks have been found in the possession of the first accused Salaam and Jitendra Kumar. Both the accused are studying in a rented house in the small area of Harmada and Gurjar in Jaipur.

The accused Salam BBA and Jitendra are the students of ITI on this case. On this, DCP Kavendra Singh Sagar said that last month, the manager of SBI Bank based in Vaishali Nagar has filed a report that an account holder has committed a fraud of Rs 80 thousand by tampering with the CDM machine. After analyzing the details of the bank and CCTV footage, a team formed under the leadership of SHO Anil Jamon and SI Rajesh on this matter. The accused have been identified and apprehended on Monday.

ACP Raisingh Beniwal has said that CDM machines of different banks have been identified in Vaishali Nagar, Vidyadhar Nagar, Shyam Nagar and Sindhi Camp area of the accused city. The same accused Salim is believed to be a good knowledgeer about technology. As soon as the money arrives at the withdrawal box of the machine in the middle of withdrawing money at the booth, it immediately stops the money and generates an error by hitting it with the sensor. Because of which the withdrawal shows in the transaction of his account, he shows that the money is not paid in the detail of the machine. After some time, the accused call the bank's call center and register their complaint and withdraw the payment. In this way, the accused have cheated SBI Bank of four transactions for 80 thousand rupees and the investigation details of the transaction details of the account number found from the ATMs of the remaining banks have been started. The police has said that after questioning, major incidents are likely to be revealed.

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