Attack on BJP leader Dilip Ghosh in Bhavanipur during election campaign

Kolkata: BJP workers are reported to have been attacked on the last day of campaigning for the by-election in West Bengal's Bhavanipur assembly seat. The BJP has said that its senior leader and national vice president Dilip Ghosh has been attacked during campaigning in Bhavanipur.

Video footage shows Dilip Ghosh's security personnel showing pistols and driving away the mob. After the incident, Later Shubhendu Adhikari took a dog at Mamata Banerjee, has asked when the violence will finally stop. Dilip Ghosh also took a dig at the state government after the attack. He said that when people's representatives can be attacked in Bhavanipur, how can the common people be safe there?

Dilip Ghosh claimed, 'I was tried to be killed by TMC goons in Bhavanipur today.' Two of Dilip Ghosh's security personnel were also seen while saving his life. On the other hand, the Shubhendu officer said that ''I had left TMC because of this violence. The more bloodshed TMC, the more people will come to vote. I am confident that people will vote, people are no longer afraid.''

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