Attempts to convert again in Tamil Nadu school, teacher pressurizing student to become 'Christian'

Chennai: A surprising case has come to light from Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu. The parents of a 12-year-old student studying in Class 6 have complained about forced Christian conversion at Jayabai Municipal Girls Higher Secondary School in the city. Due to the imposition of Pattai (Vibhuti) on this Christian teacher, a government funded school, there has been an allegation of misbehaving with the girl student and insulting the Hindu religion. In a video shared by Hindutva outfit Hindu Munnani, the victim girl tells about being harassed by Christian teachers for being a Hindu.

According to the minor, the Christian teacher asked, 'Who saved us by giving his life?' But when the girl gave an answer that the teacher had not expected, the teacher insisted, 'Jesus sacrificed his life for us. Why doesn't any of you take his name?' Similarly, one day writing practice was being conducted in the school. During this, the victim wrote the names of Murugan, Krishna and other Hindu deities in Tamil. After this the school teacher asked him not to write anything like this. The victim has alleged that the teacher who taught her Tamil believes in Christianity and asks her to pray with folded hands in a Christian manner. One day the Christian teacher, pointing to the pattai (a kind of tilak) on the victim's forehead, asked, “How long does it take to apply it? Who puts it on your forehead?' The victim says that she also wears a Rudraksha garland around her neck, for which she was misbehaved.

He was punished for it. When the teacher reprimanded him for bringing a relatively low number in the class, he said, 'Hey you have put a pattai, stand up.' Meanwhile, the girl's parents have lodged a complaint against the Christian teacher in the school for conversion and disdain for Hindu gods and goddesses. Demanding action against the accused teacher, the parents of the victim have said that such incidents should not happen in future. The officer probing the matter says that the matter is being investigated. Action will be taken if the allegations are found to be true.

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