Aunt inserts 11 needles in three-year-old nephew's body

Hyderabad: A heartbreaking case has surfaced in Telangana. Where his aunt had left no stone unturned to kill a three-year-old innocent. At the same time, the child had been ill for several days and the family could not understand the reason for this. One day when a needle came out from the child's back, his family came into the can. When the family took the child to the hospital, the shocking revelation was revealed. In the X-ray performed by the doctors, 11 needles were seen in the back of his back and private parts. Doctors were also shocked to see this. This incident is from Wanaparthy district of Telangana. This three-year-old child had been ill for the past 6 months. After the complaint of family members, the police is interrogating two suspects. A police officer said that he is waiting for the doctors' report.

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This whole issue came to light when Loknath, who had been ill for six months, had taken his family to the hospital after seeing the needle in his back. When Loknath was x-rayed by doctors. In this, needles were found near his waist and kidney. Some needles were also seen in his private parts. According to media reports, Loknath's aunt had done this disgusting thing to kill him. The family members of Loknath are agricultural laborers. Whenever he used to go out of the house for work, he used to leave his aunt near Alaivaluamma to look after Loknath. According to a police officer, only the aunt of the innocent used to penetrate the surgical niddles in private parts and thighs to kill him.

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According to the police 'Initially, some needles were taken out by the doctors of the private hospital. At the same time, later, Loknath was shifted to the government hospital in Wanaparthy, where his surgeries were taken out by doctors and some more needles were removed. Two more needles are yet to be removed. The reason for this incident is also shocking. According to the police, 'Our investigation has revealed that Alaivaluamma carried out this conspiracy to grab 1.5 acres of land near her brother. His intention was to kill his brother's son so that he could be named after the entire property.

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