Reality show contestant attacked boyfriend for money
Reality show contestant attacked boyfriend for money

Contestant Suzy Taylor of the Australian reality TV show has been arrested for allegedly murdering her Tinder date partner and forcibly demanding money from her. Police said Suzy Taylor called at a house in Brisbane on Wednesday via dating app Tinder to meet the man and then forcibly demanded money.

Suzi Taylor started dating on Tinder, arrested!

It was further told by the police that when Suzy's app partner refused to give her the money, another man entered the room and attacked her. After this whole incident, the police arrested Taylor and his fellow accused on Thursday. Police have registered an incident against the accused along with extortion, assault, and many other charges. The Queensland police further state that the two accused forcibly transferred the money from the victim's account to their own bank account, and apart from this, both of them have also withdrawn money from the account using the victim's bank card. At present, the police have not told me about this amount.

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Apart from this, the police have also not given any information about whether Taylor knew the victim beforehand. On the one hand, the police refused to say anything about the condition of the victim. Taylor's Bell Court, on the other hand, has been canceled and the next date is set to be November 25. It is being told that Taylor has appeared on the TV show 'The Block'. The show was telecast on the local Nine channel in 2015. In this show, he won about Rs 1.5 crore with a friend. After this, it was his plan that an Aamir and Rahis man was trying to get Rafu Chakkar after taking all that money to get trapped in the water of his love.

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