This man made the world record with snow; spent 2 hours in the box!

Aug 15 2019 05:04 PM
This man made the world record with snow; spent 2 hours in the box!

Have you ever been sitting in ice boxes? Perhaps you wouldn't say, although the world record has been named by an Austrian man doing the same. Athlete Josef Koeberl set the world record by sitting a total of two hours, eight minutes and 47 seconds inside a large transparent box filled with snow on Saturday.

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This unique world record by Josef Koeberl has been created in the capital Vienna. Indeed, the thing is that they sat in boxes full of pieces of ice and the snow was filled up to their shoulders. He was wearing only a swimsuit. While it usually becomes quite difficult for people to spend a few minutes amid cold snow, more than two hours were spent in the boxes by Josef. Before Josef, this unique world record was recorded in the name of Chinese athlete Jin Songhao, who made it in 2014.

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When Josef came out of the ice after making a world record, his entire body was examined by doctors and he fit perfectly. According to Joseph, he could have been sitting in the snow for even longer, though he did not need it because he had already sat for a long time and had already set the world record. According to media reports received, this world record of Joseph has been appreciated by some, while some have described it as a stupid move.

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