Authentic Indian food can be enjoyed during Navratras

Apr 11 2019 05:55 PM
Authentic Indian food can be enjoyed during Navratras

Here, dishes out authentic Indian food recipes on her channel that can be enjoyed during Navratras.

1. Roasted Caramelised Makhanas

Caramelised makhanas are a perfect sweet and crunchy snack to be paired with tea and can be a great filler between lunch and dinner. The tiny round balls enclose many vitamins and minerals and are a great source of fibre.

2. Sabudana Bhel

Craving for bhel puri chaat? Try this interesting and lip-smacking bhel recipe with sabudana (sago) during Navratras. You won't be settling; you will actually love this chaat.

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3. Crispy Shakarparas

Deep-fried sugar crisps also called shakarparas or almond biscuits are a sweet treat that will liven up your day after a lazy afternoon.

4. Crispy Potato Balls

Come Navratri and potatoes take up most of the space of our kitchen shelf. Even after having an overwhelming serving of potatoes in our daily meals during Navratras, we don't mind some more - especially when it is served in the form of crispy, bite-sized round balls.

Here it is to be noted that Navratri is a festival that celebrates food and does not intend to depraved you of deliciousness. Try these easy, quick-to-fix recipes and savour you tea time snacks during these auspicious days

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