Author Amish Tripathi's Bold Declaration: Why I'll Vote for Modi & His Government ?
Author Amish Tripathi's Bold Declaration: Why I'll Vote for Modi & His Government ?

New Delhi: As the first phase of voting approaches and election campaigning intensifies, Amish Tripathi, renowned for his bestselling Hindu culture-centric books, has ended his 'self-imposed' political silence to voice support for the Modi government.

In a noteworthy move on Monday (15th April), the acclaimed author utilized his official X account to convey his insights, elaborating on why he intends to vote for the Modi government in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Acknowledging his previous avoidance of political commentary, Amish Tripathi explicitly affirmed his backing for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his administration.

In a tweet structured as an article headline, boldly titled “Why I will be voting for Prime Minister Modi & his government,” Tripathi articulated his stance, breaking his self-imposed rule to advocate for the current government.


He stated, “As a rule, I have not spoken on politics in the past. I’d like to break this self-imposed rule this time. I support Prime Minister Modi and his national government. I think it’s crucial to vote for our Prime Minister, through his candidates, in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.”

In brief, he enumerated several major achievements of the Modi government across various sectors that influenced his decision.

Tripathi emphasized, “Dramatic reduction in poverty, emphatic strengthening of the national finances and fisc, vast improvements in infrastructure (I see it in Mumbai, the city I live in, and also Varanasi, the city my family hails from), rising GDP growth rates, investments in science & tech, incentives for start-ups & small-business loans (something I hear about from my readers, who are largely the youth), vastly improved welfare delivery (which has reduced leakages that were common in the past). All good things.”

However, he underscored that his primary reason for supporting the Modi government is the need for Chanakyan leadership during a time when the global order is in disarray, and various crises threaten stability.

After delineating the ongoing challenges, Tripathi stressed the necessity for exceptional leadership similar to the one the US exhibited during the World Wars, emphasizing its advantages in the long term.

He added, “At this critical stage in world history, we Indians need leadership that has intense motivation, competencies that are top-of-the-line, ability to work hard, capability to carry the masses along. And skills to engage with the world with firm clarity; with kindness when possible, but with steely resolve when necessary.”

Tripathi concluded by urging voters to prioritize Chanakyan leadership and expressed his intention to vote for the NDA candidate in his constituency, urging others to do the same.

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