Author Vanshika Mishra is now the youngest female bestselling author of India for her debut book YOSAVA

Youth Author Vanshika Mishra is the youngest female bestselling author of India for her debut book YOSAVA - The Princess of Moon and The Warrior of Mars - The Real Twin Flame. The 17 year old hails from Jhansi and released her first book amidst nature on 23rd July 2022. It is published by Orange Books Publication.

As reported by Aaj Tak in a special coverage, VANSHIKA MISHRA broke all records to become the youngest female bestselling author in India. Vanshika Mishra is also the youngest ever bestselling author in contemporary literature from Jhansi. She has made her city proud.She has also been awarded the Nation Pride Award for this scintillating fiction novel. The book continues to have a significant influence on the readers.

Popular TV Artist Vandana Vithlani shared an exclusive video on Instagram mentioning how she herself became a fan of the young author Vanshika Mishra after reading her debut book. Vandna called her the future of India.

Vanshika introduces her new book with us, “This book is all about finding your real twin flame, that you know is in you already, but you never recognized it. In this book, you will go through betrayal, doubts, love, and all the emotions you know of. You will know what and who is true, and about your own self power and self love. From chapter 8, the entire story changes and you will see what happens when you read it.”

Two parts of the same soul are called The Real Twin Flames, one part of the soul which we can also name A, the other part of the soul keeps on searching for part B and when both come together then the process of success starts. The story of their journey is “YOSAVA – The Princess of Moon and The Warrior of Mars” When these two combine, they become very energetic and powerful. This book is about finding this reality, which you know is already in you but you never recognized it.”

The majority of the plot, including the dominant forces, is fiction. One of the main modes of knowledge production is the book itself. Working with the twin flame is just as crucial as finding it.

At the beginning of the book, the author lists several indicators of twin flames, such as their innate magnetic attraction to one another and how they complete one another. Through the subsequent story, this aids the audience in better comprehending the notion.

With a lucid use of language, the author has explained the meaning of Twin Flame. It is an intense soul connection with someone thought to be a person’s other half, sometimes called the mirror soul. The idea is that God split each soul in two halves, in two different bodies when they were sent on Earth. Until they reunite, they can’t attain their best versions as they can utilise only half of their energy and power. Success is possible only when they unite and function as a whole.

She may be just 17 years old, but Vanshika explains beautifully how twin flames can be challenging and healing at the same time because of their mirroring nature. They reveal the deepest insecurities, fears, shadows, and help you grow into your best version.

The narration of the story has a thrill component. Even young readers will have no trouble understanding the wordings. All the 18 chapters are interconnected strongly and logically. The plot will entrap the readers. The tale changes dramatically after ‘The Real Betrayal’, the eighth chapter. The majority of captivated readers can finish the entire book in a single sitting. It moves that quickly.

The relationships between the characters and humanity seemed natural and they interacted nicely with one another. Some words help us to appreciate the present myths. The relationship between realistic and fantastical fiction is riddled with charming and logical paradoxes. That impulsive distinction — that nonfiction is real while fiction is fabricated — serves no real purpose. The message comes out brilliantly.

You will find yourself full of curiosity as you read the story the whole time. This book covers all kinds of feelings of trust, love, deceit. You will come to know what and who is true and about your own power and self love. The whole story changes from the eighth chapter and you will see what happens after reading it.

One’s own power can excel when they understand well the power and mechanism of their surroundings. Coexistence is an open code for the whole system to thrive and progress. They understand the devastating impact in the long run whenever the ‘law of nature gets tampered. There is no room for manipulation and unfairness when it comes to achieving things.

The book has all the necessary components to cause market storms. The author is already well-liked throughout the world. We enquired as to what motivated her to write “My Mother, Dr. Seema Shukla Mishra,” as she put it. The style and substance clearly reflect the research that went into producing a successful book.

The Princess of Moon and the Warrior of Mars’ primary protagonists explore the significant yet common difficulties of discovering and then completing your twin flame.

Youngest Female Bestselling Author of India is Vanshika Mishra from Jhansi. She shares her favourite proverb as advice: “A twin flame relationship is like a storm in your life. Being with a twin flame is like being in constant self-reflection."

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