A student studying in a government school makes bike running on hydrogen

Nov 23 2019 03:44 PM
A student studying in a government school makes bike running on hydrogen

A student studying in a government school in a village in Vellore district has set a new record and has created a two-wheeler which can be run with hydrogen. This student has succeeded in driving his father's bike with the help of the kit which helps in running with hydrogen. Regarding his project, Devendhiran said that I worked closely with my sister who is a 10th grade student. Both of us study at Government Higher Secondary School in Penathur village in Vellore district.

Devendhiran said that now the vehicle can be run for 25 km with this fuel, now I am working on increasing the capacity of this device. Devendhiran said that after evaluating it, emphasis will be laid on taking it to the next level of research and development. He said that for two-stroke two-wheelers, the kit had to cost Rs 2500 to build, while spending 500 rupees could be made for two-stroke two-wheelers.

Devendhiran told that he had given his teacher-guide N. Koteshwari and G. Developed this kit by working together with Manjula as a team. Hydrogen is separated from salt mixed water in it. Devendhiran said that three liters of salt is added to one liter of water. To separate oxygen and hydrogen from this water, it is placed with zinc and aluminum plates. This starts the electrolysis process. By this process, water remains in the fuel tank and hydrogen is collected upwards. The collected hydrogen is transferred through the tube to the carburetor, which helps kickstart the engine.

It is worth noting that the student has made this kit for just 2500 rupees. The headmaster of the same Devendhiran school, I. Uma Devan, said that after making some necessary improvements in this kit, it will be placed before the experts of the National Design and Research Forum.

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