Automakers have six months to introduce flex-fuel engines: Gadkari

On Thursday, Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, said that the government has given an advise to automakers to implement flexible-fuel engines in automobiles within six months. Gadkari stated that he signed a dossier on flex-fuel engines advising automakers to develop flex-fuel engines for their automobiles.

The government has authorised auto makers six months to deploy flex-fuel engines in cars that can operate on more than one fuel, according to the minister. The national government, according to Gadkari, is aiming to promote the usage of green and alternative energy. He went on to say that automakers like TVS Motors and Bajaj Auto have already begun producing flex-fuel engines for their two- and three-wheeler models.

"Four-wheeler vehicles will soon be able to operate entirely on ethanol. So we won't need any gasoline... Furthermore, using green fuel would save us money "Gadkari went on to say more.

Flexible fuel, often known as flex-fuel, is an alternative fuel generated by mixing gasoline with methanol or ethanol. Because of its biofuel composition, flex-fuel is touted to be less polluting than gasoline. The flex-fuel engines are capable of running on both petrol and biofuel.

Currently, ethanol-blended fuels and flex-fuel engines are mostly employed in Brazil and the United States. India is one of the world's largest users of fossil fuels, importing 80 percent of its overall need. India wants to increase ethanol and ethanol-blended petrol production and consumption. India has already established a goal to increase the percentage of ethanol in petrol.

The increased ethanol content in petrol and the advent of flex-fuel engines are intended to minimise the consumption of fossil fuels, lowering India's fuel import cost. Furthermore, this action would dramatically cut pollution levels.

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