Avoid THESE food and alcohol combinations

Some food and alcohol combinations can go completely wrong while some foods can put you into bad acid reflux. it may cause you bloating, burning pain in the chest the next morning, or feeling sick and wanting to throw up. While it may seem that few snacks are a great combination to go with alcohol, here are a few foods you should avoid while drinking. 


Chocolates with alcohol are certainly not a good combination. Chocolates can create gastric problems and aggravate acidity in your stomach while drinking.

Beans and red wine

A glass of red wine may seem ideal, having beans with it does not. Because beans or lentils contain a high amount of iron which does not get absorbed by your body when you are drinking.

Excess fried and salty food

Salty and fried foods are a big no while drinking. Fries or nuggets that contain extra salt and can dehydrate you instantly and drain your energy. Better opt for a grilled chicken or vegetable instead.


Bread and beer are other no-no combinations of food and alcohol. Bread will only make your bloating worse and it will dehydrate your body. You may end up throwing if you drink an excessive amount of beer and pair it with bread.

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