With rising auto fuel prices, Baba Ramdev takes a dig at Centre

Nagpur: Baba Ramdev has always been in the news for his statements. Now, recently, one of his statements is going viral. In fact, recently Baba Ramdev praised Nitin Gadkari and said, "He reduced the travel time to half across the country. At the same time, Baba Ramdev also said, "Petrol and diesel prices have definitely gone up a bit. At the same time, he said, "Gadkari has been working in politics to serve and create. Nitin Gadkari halved the time it used to travel by road in different parts of the country.''

He further said, "Gadkari's work saved petrol and diesel worth lakhs and crores of rupees in the country, though the prices are a little higher. The credit for the savings that have been made certainly goes to Nitin Gadkari. At the same time, Baba Ramdev narrated his experience and said, "It used to take him five to six hours to reach Haridwar seven years ago and he had told this to Nitin Gadkari''

Let us tell you all that earlier last Saturday also Baba Ramdev had spoken on the India-Pakistan match in the T20 World Cup. During that time, Baba Ramdev had said, "Terrorism and cricket cannot be together. Cricket on the one hand and terrorism on the other should not be played together.'' At the same time, Baba Ramdev had said, "There is a destructive system of drugs going on in Bollywood. Drugs are being glamorized. People who consider them their role models seem to be trapped in it. Film industries will have to clean up the waste together.''

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