Baby Bump or Belly Fat? After Priyanka Chopra appearance in Cannes such talk raised

May 17 2019 04:10 PM
Baby Bump or Belly Fat? After Priyanka Chopra appearance in Cannes such talk raised

On Thursday, Priyanka Chopra made glamorous entry at the Cannes Film Festival. Priyanka appeared in the Thai High-slit gown of Shimri Black and Maroon Color on the Red Carpet. After scattering his style in Mata Gala, Priyanka also impressed the fans with fashionable outfit in Cannes. But Priyanka's look has started a new debate on social media. Actually, Priyanka Chopra wearing gown shows her belly fat. Priyanka Chopra's stomach looks different in pictures. Priyanka's pregnancy has begun to get talk again after the actress's Cannes looks out.

There are many fan comments on Priyanka's picture that she is pregnant. One user wrote - I think Priyanka is pregnant. The other person asked the question, "Is Priyanka pregnant?" One has created an emogji of pregnancy and wrote that Priyanka Chopra is pregnant. Another user wrote - baby bump? A fan wrote on Instagram - surely Priyanka is pregnant. People will come back to see this picture when they actually reveal the pregnancy of the actress.

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Though the concepts, being taken about Priyanka Chopra's pregnancy topic are not new. Earlier, Priyanka Chopra's belly fat was seen in many other dresses. Then "Nikkei" and Madhu Chopra had told these reports wrong.  Madhu Chopra had said in an old statement that Priyanka was not pregnant. Looks like this due to the camera angle. Well, there is a belly fat or baby bump seen in the pictures, the suspense remains intact.

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