Baby girl face brutal raped and tortured to death

Jun 09 2019 11:35 PM
Baby girl face brutal raped and tortured to death

A recent case of crime has surfaced from Rampur Thana area in Gaya district of Bihar. In this case, a minor girl who lived in the Shamir Pillow Mountain Mohalla has been raped. The victim was killed in the aftermath of reports homologous the incident and the agitated family thrashed the accused after the incident. The accused was able to flee in the case homologous the reports and the police said the accused had been identified and he was from Jharkhand.

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Police further reported that he was trying to arrest him. In connection with the homologous incident, City DSP Raj Kumar Sah said that the Chintu Kumar young man, who was in the neighbourhood with a 14-year-old Nabalalik who lived in the Shamir Pillow Mohalla in the past night, forcibly took him away from the house and did the wrong thing with him. In the homologous of the news, he later left him back home. The baby was in a very serious condition, and after getting to know the family, he grabbed the chintu and thrashed him a lot.

In this case, Chintu was able to flee from the clutches of the family and said that the baby's body had been sent to Grace Narayan Magadh Medical Hospital in the city for post mortem. Police have been raiding the arrest of the accused homologous reports in the case and the accused police are still out of grip but police have said the accused will be arrested very soon.

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