Baby was starving for three days, mother strangled to death
Baby was starving for three days, mother strangled to death

Nowadays rising cases of crime are causing surprises to all. The case that has come to light is from Kannauj district of Uttar Pradesh. In this case, when the woman could not bear the screams of her starving child, she choked and killed the child. The woman is said to have taken this dreadful step when she could not bear the screams of her child.

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When the case came, the police came to the spot. According to sources, the murder of the child has been confirmed in the postmortem. According to the police, Rukhsar, who lives in Birtia Mohalla in Chhibramau, has three children. The husband of the woman works in Mumbai. For 4-5 months after the wife fought, she was not even sending money to the house. In difficult circumstances, she was somehow feeding her children. According to media reports, a few months ago, her 8-month-old son Ahad had a blood infection. Jewellery and household items were sold for Rs 90,000 and Ahad was treated in Agra. He didn't have a single rupee for 3-4 days.

Meanwhile, the child was starving. In the morning, Rukhsar gave the baby a drink of sugar in water and fell asleep. By 8:30 p.m., the family members who lived close to the child were suspicious. When questioned by the police, Rukhsar said that she had not been able to arrange milk for the baby for three days, so she was strangled to death.

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