Bad Ads took down by Google, twice from last year

The biggest online network is running by the Google. Undoubtedly, there are chances that almost every website uses Google to get the ads. Popularity comes with a cost, so cost is being hit by scammers. Scammers hit the target constantly to make the quick money. But, Google cannot leave anyone who is trying to do the ill behavior. Google ban the illicit behavior ads in the response of their behavior. In 2016, the company took down nearly 1.7 billion ads that violated their policies, which are twice as many ads it took down the year before.

There are many ways in which scammers try and deceive the unsuspecting Internet user. One of the popular ways is by loading malware by showing fake system warnings (dubbed “trick to click”), leading the user to believe their computing devices are affected and that clicking it will fix the problem (when there was no problem, to begin with). Google developed systems that would spot these malicious ads, and in 2016 detected and disabled 112 million of them, a 6x increase from the past year.

Next, the search giant also cracked down on ads that promote illegal activities or products. For instance, 17 million gambling ads that did not have the proper authorization were taken down, and 68 million healthcare-related ads that were not legitimate were pulled down too.

Google’s majority income is depends on the ads they generate. So, to reduce the malware ads Google took this step and also to keep the faith of the users in internet and Google.

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