Heartless Father! Keeps making his own daughter a victim of lust

Jaipur: The case of cruelty to a minor in Alwar, Rajasthan, is yet to be resolved and the state is once again embarrassed after the incident came to light. A 16-year-old minor girl (minor girl) has also accused her father of raping her for a year. According to information received so far, a 16-year-old minor girl has registered a case against her father at Lasadia police station in Udaipur alleging that the father had raped her for a year. Reports say that the victim studies in class XI and the curtain was removed from the entire case after she complained of stomach ache. At present, the police have got the minor treated and statements have been recorded in the court. In this case, the police can now take the girl's father into custody.

The accused father is addicted to drugs: Giving information about this case, SHO Vijender Singh has said that the victim along with her mother reached the police station and filed a case against her father. According to the police, the accused father is addicted to drugs and works as a labourer along with farming. The victim has said in the complaint that finding her alone at home, her father continuously raped her. The victim has further told the police that the father used to intimidate her by telling her to kill her if she told the mother. Continuing its point, the police said that the matter came to light when the victim had a severe stomach ache two days ago, after which she told her mother about the father's black deeds.

Father absconds after case comes to light: According to reports, as soon as she came to know of such an act with her daughter, the mother rushed the daughter to the hospital where after getting her treated, both mother and daughter rushed directly to the police station and filed a case. The father is currently on the run since a case was registered with the police which police are on the lookout for. At the same time, police said that several cases have already been registered against the accused in assault and other cases.

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