Bakra Eid Special: Make restaurant-style kebab at home
Bakra Eid Special: Make restaurant-style kebab at home

If you want to serve something special for your guests on the special occasion of Bakra Eid, try making restaurant-style kebab which will bring water to your mouth. With this, your guests will not be tired of praising you. Let's know the easy recipes to make learning kebabs at home.

Mutton Keema: 500 grams  
2 onion 
2 teaspoons of Kaaju
Garam masala powder -3 / 4 teaspoons 
Raw papaya made paste - 1 teaspoon of 
Milk cream - 2 teaspoons 
1 teaspoon garam masala 
1 lemon 
Salt according to taste


Method of preparation of kebab-

To make learning kebab first, grind the papaya and soak the cashews in water. When it gets wet, grind them and make a paste. Now cook the chopped onions in oil. After this, add onion, papaya paste, kiima, cashew, cream, garam masala and salt as needed and keep it for an hour. 

Now heat the rod so that it can be wrapped with the meat. After this, create a big ball of meat and wrap it around. Similarly, wrap the rest of the remaining work and cook it in the oven. When it becomes light brown, then your kebabs are cooked. Remove them and put lemon juice and chaat masala and serve it to the guests with chutney or Sauce.

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