If your child is very angry then get him calmed by Bajrangbali

Sep 18 2019 06:00 PM
If your child is very angry then get him calmed by Bajrangbali

There are many such children around the world, whose nature is stubborn and angry. In such a situation, parents also have to face mental and financial troubles due to these reasons. According to the scriptures, the solution to this problem can be possible by worshiping Lord Hanuman, the trouble-maker.

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Yes, by making Hanuman Ji happy, you can make your child intelligent and calm. In fact, your child's anger will gradually decrease due to this. According to the scriptures, when the child is more stubborn, irritable, angrier due to the influence of astrological planets, does not listen to the parents or other big people, then the sindoor of Hanuman Ji's left foot every Tuesday and Saturday. Apply on his forehead.

With this, recite Nam Hanumanate Namah and get the child done it. It is said that even by remembering the 12 names of Hanuman Ji every day, stubbornness goes out of the child. It is said that this remedy proves beneficial for those who have more anger. Actually, Hanuman Ji is considered to be the giver of strength and intelligence and if the child or himself look repeatedly, then apply the vermilion of Hanumanji's right foot on the forehead.

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It is said that anger is reduced due to exercise or tear out and when the child is angry for a long time, talk to him and try to reduce the anger. Along with this, children often take suicides or suicides with anger, that is why you can reduce their anger after doing these things.

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