Facebook to be ban in this country after China and North Korea

Nov 17 2020 02:35 PM
Facebook to be ban in this country after China and North Korea

People use social media platform Facebook not only to connect with their friends but also to express their feelings. Doing so can also create difficulty. As seen in Solomon Islands. The government is preparing to ban the social media platform Facebook in the Solomon Islands. According to media reports, after provocative criticism of the government on social media platforms, Solomon Islands is planning to ban the use of Facebook indefinitely.

The report states that the Solomon Islands PM MNS Sogabre-led government will make an official announcement today regarding the ban on Facebook. Facebook is a very popular platform in the Solomon Islands with a population of about 650,000. Where people openly share their ideas. Recently this platform was used to give critical reactions against the current government there. A Facebook spokesperson says that the company is contacting the Solomon government to discuss the issue. Because this step of the government will affect thousands of people of the Solomon Islands who use our service to connect and engage in important discussions in the Pacific. '

The Solomon Islands is not the only country where Facebook is going to be banned. The use of this popular social media platform is banned in many countries around the world which includes China, Iran and North Korea. The Solomon Islands will also be added to this list soon. After the ban on Facebook in these countries, its social media platform is being run there.

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