Banaras Hindu University develops onboard chargers for e-vehicles

VARANASI: Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University), department of electrical engineering, have created a novel technology for onboard chargers for vehicles

They claim that their technique is half the price of current onboard chargers and can lower the cost of two- and four-wheeled electric cars. Associate professor and project investigator Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh said: "Electric vehicles (EVs) are the best alternative to conventional IC engines as the cost of petroleum products rises and pollution levels rise, but the lack of high-power offboard charging infrastructure forces automakers to incorporate on-board chargers into the vehicle itself. The vehicle owner can use the outlet to charge his or her vehicle. Electric vehicles become too expensive in such circumstances." He said that the cost of an on-board charger can be cut in half thanks to new technology developed at the institute.

"This will also lower the cost of electric vehicles significantly. The technology will be entirely developed in India, and it will have a substantial impact on the use of electric vehicles on Indian roads "he stated.

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