Bangalore promises a superbike which would operate on electricity

Jun 04 2018 02:51 PM
Bangalore promises a superbike which would operate on electricity

With the rapidly rising petrol prices, the need of the time seeks a substitute.

To cheer you up, we bring to you the “ray of hope”.

 According to the latest report published in Car And Bike,“Mankame”, a Bangalore based start-up has promised to bring in a superbike which would operate upon electricity.

Mankame Automotive is working upon a venture called Mankame EP-1 which is a crowd-funded project.

The superbike intends at providing a liquid-cooled battery that would supply 18.4Kwh, a run-time 480 Km with 70 Kmph.

The battery is being built with a matrix BMS system for safety and efficiency and also Samsung cells.

The super-bike would contain a 40 KW high-performance PMSM motor.

In comparison to the current combustion engine powered bikes, the superbike shall be lighter [160Kg].

According to the reports published in “Business Today”, the crowdfunding shall initiate from July 1.

Also, the venture would probably report its delivery by 2022.

Previously another electric bike called Emflux was presented at the Auto Expo 2018 with a price of Rs 6 Lakh with a maximum speed of 200 Kmph.

Hence there isn’t much time for the revolution to arrive.

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