10-year-old girl raped along with mother and daughter, Muslim fundamentalists raped entire Hindu family

Dhaka: Parth Das was brutally killed by a mob of 200 fundamentalists who attacked the ISKCON temple after Friday prayers in the Noakhali area of Bangladesh. ISKCON said in its statement that Parth's body was found floating in a pond near the temple. In a tweet, Radharamn Das, who is associated with ISKCON, said that Parth was beaten so brutally that when his body was recovered, the insides of the body were missing. According to Ramdharamn Das, Parth was only 25 years old and had been missing since yesterday.


Ramdharamn said his body was found in a pond near the temple some time ago today. Organs were removed from his body. Earlier, it was reported that two sadhus were killed by the mob. Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina had assured that they would take stern action against the miscreants. However, according to reports, violence is still continuing in many parts of the country. The fundamentalists are killing Hindus by accusing them of insulting the Quran, attacking their shrines, idols of deities and setting houses on fire.



According to social media reports, the Quran was allegedly insulted at a Durga Puja pandal near Nanuar Dighi Lake in Komila city. This was followed by a mob of Muslim fundamentalists attacking Hindu temples and pandals at Hajiganj in Chandpur, Banshakhali in Chattogram and Pekua in Cox's Bazar. In some places, it is also being said that the Quran has not been insulted, the fundamentalists are fabricating a story only to kill Hindus. Coming to the ISKCON temple alone, around 500 rioters gathered there and not only ransacked the temple but also assaulted the devotees and carried out rapes. ISKCON Bangladesh tweeted to the UN Human Rights Commission about a rape case in Hajiganj in Chandpur. There, Muslim fundamentalists raped the entire Hindu family. First, the fundamentalists raped the mother, then her daughter and then the niece, who was just 10 years old.

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