Who kept the 'Quran' in Durga Pandal? After which innocent Hindus massacred

Dhaka: 335 Hindu temples have been attacked in 33 districts in Bangladesh. These figures are from the first 4 days of violence from 13-17 October 2021. Such incidents of violence are still rampant. Not only were all things looted from the temples, but the idols were also demolished. The World Hindu Federation (WHF) has reported that a total of 1800 Hindu shops or establishments have been set on fire. The orgy of violence began with rumours of the Quran being kept and insulted in Durga Puja.

After the killing of dozens of Hindus and the rape of several Hindu women, it has now been found that there was no Hindu who kept the Quran in the Durga Puja mandap, but Iqbal Hussain. Iqbal Hussain, 35, is a resident of the Sujnagar area of Comilla. His father's name is Noor Mohammad Alam. It was he who had placed the Quran in the Durga Puja pandal on Nanua Dighir, after which his picture was made viral calling it a disrespect to the Quran and violence against Hindus started. Iqbal Hussain is a vagabond and it is not known whether he is associated with any political party or not. Comilla SP Farooq Ahmed said more information will be shared in the press conference scheduled for Thursday (October 21, 2021). After the Quran rumour, not only Camilla but Hindus, Hindu temples and Durga Puja pandals across Bangladesh were attacked by Muslim fundamentalists.

Condemning the attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh, Tulsi Gabard of the former US Women's Congress on Wednesday (October 20, 2021) appealed to the Sheikh Hasina government to take action against jihadist forces. Tulsi Gabard said, "It is the duty of the "so-called secular" government of Bangladesh to protect the minorities of its country, including Hindus, Christians and Buddhists, from jihadist forces.''

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