Bangladeshi citizen arrested in bomb attack on Bengal minister

A Bangladeshi national has been detained by the CID investigating the case of West Bengal Minister of State for Labor Jakir Hossain in the bomb attack case at Nimitha station in Murshidabad on Wednesday night which has been identified as Sheikh Naseem. It is also being said that he has been arrested on Tuesday night. The CID team is also involved in the investigation of whether Naseem of young age has any connection with any terrorist organization. Initial action has found that he used to sell goods etc. on the footpath outside the station. CCTV footage showed that he had been roaming the entire station premises for several days before the attack on the minister. On the day of the incident, inquiries are being made about how he kept the remote bomb in the bag and saved the sight of the railway police and detonated it at the behest of the minister.

According to the information, Naseem is not alone in the crime. He also has many other partners about whom information is being sought. It is also being said that it is worth mentioning that on February 17, Jakir Hossain, returning from Kolkata, landed at Nimmita station in Murshidabad at night. Supporters and family members had arrived to welcome him. As he was moving with all the people, a sudden blast occurred. 26 people including the minister had come under the blast. The hands, feet and other body parts of some people flew away. The minister injured in the incident is undergoing treatment at SSKM Hospital in Kolkata. The explosion was so strong that the toe of a person who was hit by it, flew to the roof of the station premises 100 meters away.

The action revealed that the IED was used for the explosion. Of course, Naseem and his partner specialize in making IED bombs. The possibility of their relationship with terrorist or extremist organizations is being emphasized. At present, CID officials have not said much on this. Investigating officials said that full information about this is being given through a press conference.

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