Bangladeshi Momen had been living in India, pushed 5000 girls into prostitution

Indore: Indore police in Madhya Pradesh have busted a huge sex racket. Police have arrested a Bangladeshi named Momen, who was involved in human trafficking and prostitution, along with his accomplice Babloo. Momen has confessed to buying and selling more than 5,000 girls and pushing them into a sex racket in front of the police.

According to the report, Momen, who was living under the fake name of 'Vijay Kumar', had come to India from Bangladesh about 25 years ago and after entering India, he started living in a narrow area of Nala Sopara area of Mumbai. At present, in interrogation, he has admitted that the number of touts was very high in places like Mumbai and Surat. That is why he was trying to make Indore a new destination for his business so that a supply chain could be created. The wife of a Bangladeshi broker operates an NGO in the name of social welfare in her country under the guise of which she used to smuggle girls from Bangladesh to India. She used to send girls from poor households to India in the name of getting jobs, but as soon as she reached here, she was taken advantage of by her compulsion and pushed into the business of prostitution.

Indore IG Harinarayan Mishra Chari says that the main accused Momin has done 10 marriages and apart from this he also has 100 girlfriends. It had set up supply chains in several cities of the country including Indore, Dhar, Jhabua, Ahmedabad, Surat, Jaipur. He was also smuggling drugs under the guise of prostitution. According to the Vijay Nagar police station of Indore, last year in October 2020, a young woman had complained to the police that she was a resident of Bangladesh and she was illegally crossed by Shabana and Bakhtiyar and handed over to Vijay (Momin) in India. Since then he was on the radar of the police and formed a team to nab him. He was in Mumbai about a week ago, but as soon as he came to know about the action of the police, he came to Indore. However, here the Vijay Nagar police caught him.

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