Bangles are thrown on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, video going viral
Bangles are thrown on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, video going viral


After launching several projects on Sunday (October 22), PM Modi was conducting road shows in Vadodara, during which the woman allegedly claimed to Modi and in the event she throw bangles.

Police detained this woman during road show of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Vadodara, Gujarat. This woman claimed that she had thrown the bangles on the Prime Minister, so she was arrested. Here The woman name is Chandrika Bane. (See pics)

Chandrika Ben is associated as the social health worker in ASHA organization. A social worker Jignesh Mevani tweeted with this information and said that the female Chandrika Solanki has thrown bangles on Modi's face when Gujarat Chief Minister was not ready to give 45 thousand rupees as the minimum wages. Soon after this incident, security personnel arrested Chandrila.

Chandrika Ben's video is now becoming viral on social media.In the video, women are showing commotion in PM Modi's roadshow but bangles are not visible. However, the video uploader is writing that the woman threw bangles on PM Modi. Take a glance on video


Here we mention that bangles were also thrown on Union Minister Smriti Irani, who went to address a gathering in Amethi, UP on June 12. Smriti Irani went there to count the achievements of the Center on the completion of three years of Modi Government.

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