Bengaluru woman got bankrupt after calling Zomato customer care

Aug 16 2019 04:54 PM
Bengaluru woman got bankrupt after calling Zomato customer care

Bangalore: Most of us first go to Google to find an answer to every question. But a Bengaluru woman lost her entire bank balance due to a mistake on Google Search. Recently, a Bengaluru woman searched Google when she could not find the number of the customer service center on the Zomato app. After the Google search, the woman put a call on the number. In the process of granting a refund request, the woman gave all the details of her bank account and within minutes her bank balance was null.

In fact, The number of Zomato customer care that appeared on Google Search was fake. A police complaint has also been lodged against these fake call centers by Zomato. Similarly, a woman from Chennai was caught in a bluff over a fake customer care number. When the woman accidentally called the fake customer care number, the fraudster asked the woman to reveal the password of the bank account. When the woman suspected of fraud, she misquoted her PIN number. Soon after the call was over, he received a message that two transactions worth Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000 had failed due to the wrong password.

Earlier, a similar case had come to light in Mumbai. The fraudsters had changed the EPFO office number on Google Search. When people called the number, they would ask for the secret details of their bank and withdraw the money from their accounts. Many of these frauds were victims.

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