Bani J says goodbye to her Twitter and Instagram account
Bani J says goodbye to her Twitter and Instagram account

Bani J has been in news for various reasons after stepped out the Bigg Boss 10 house. She recently did the unexpected things and deleted her social media accounts.

The ex-Bigg Boss contestant has deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts after posting a message: "I think everyone in life needs some space – their time out. So she’s having her time out and maybe you guys should respect it. And I’m sure she will be back because she loves the social media and she loves to interact with you guys. She actually does love each one of you. So just be patient she will be back when she feels it’s right for her to come back."

Her fan club also shared her picture with caption reads as : "We know all of you are worried because Bani has deactivated her accounts. We're sure she is okay and doing perfectly fine. She just needs some space. Let's not force any assumptions on this. She is a spontaneous person we all know so chill y'all and if we know anything we'll inform y'all - Love, vjbanifc! #vjbani #banij."

Gauahar Khan too tweeted about Bani! Like G said you all need to respect her. She will be back soon. Be patient everyone. — Team Bani Judge (@TeamBaniJ) April 5, 2017

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