Bank Robbery Strikes Bihar Again: Rs 18 Lakh Looted from Axis Bank in Bihta
Bank Robbery Strikes Bihar Again: Rs 18 Lakh Looted from Axis Bank in Bihta

Patna: Bank robberies continue unabated in Bihar, with a fresh incident of Rs 18 lakh theft from Axis Bank in Bihta coming to light. On Saturday, four armed criminals stormed into the bank during broad daylight, holding both employees and customers at gunpoint before fleeing with the loot.

The robbery unfolded in the afternoon at the Devkuli branch of Axis Bank under the jurisdiction of Bihta police station. The masked assailants terrorized everyone present by brandishing weapons, locking them in a room, and issuing threats of violence if they raised an alarm or contacted the police.

The robbers then proceeded to empty the vault, stuffing the cash into a bag, and also pilfered over one lakh rupees from the cashier. Additionally, a customer was relieved of Rs 41,000. Following the heist, the criminals made a swift getaway, leaving panic and chaos in their wake.

Law enforcement officials swiftly responded to the scene, initiating an investigation into the matter. Senior police personnel arrived at the bank branch to oversee the probe. As of now, no leads have been uncovered regarding the identities of the culprits. Police are meticulously combing through CCTV footage from the bank and its vicinity in hopes of tracing the perpetrators.

The total amount looted is estimated to be around Rs 18 lakh, adding to the string of bank robberies plaguing the region.

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