Banks to remain closed for so many days in December
Banks to remain closed for so many days in December

New Delhi: RBI has issued a list of bank holidays for the last month of the year. December 2021. It is better to check the list of bank holidays before you go to the branch for the work left for December. According to this list, banks will remain closed for a total of 12 days in December 2021.

In December 2021 there are 4 holiday Sundays in a total of 12 days holidays of banks.  Many of which are going to be holidays continuously. The Christmas festival in December is going to be a holiday for banks almost all over the country.  Where it has been found that banks are not going to remain closed for 12 days across the country. According to the list of holidays on the official website of the RBI, these holidays are in different states. Not all these holidays will be applicable in all states. On the other hand, according to RBI guidelines, banks are scheduled to remain closed on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month in addition to Sundays.

Bank Holidays in December 2021: Banks are going to be closed in which states in December 2021? So, based on the holiday list next month, you should settle your bank operations so that you can avoid unnecessary problems.

– Banks will remain closed at the Fest of St Francis Xavier in Panaji on December 3.
– 5th December will be a weekly Sunday holiday.
– Banks will remain closed as December 11 is the second Saturday of the month.
– Banks will not work on Sunday's weekly holiday on December 12.
– Banks in Shillong will remain closed on the death anniversary of U So So Tham on December 18.
– Operations will remain closed on Sundays on December 19 on weekly holidays.
– Banks in Aizawl will remain closed on Christmas on December 24.
– Banks will remain closed everywhere except Bengaluru and Bhubaneswar on Christmas on December 25.
– December 26 is Sunday's weekly holiday.
– Banks in Aizawl will remain closed due to Christmas celebrations on December 27.
– Banks will remain closed in Shillong on U Kiang Nongbah on December 30.
– The bank will not function in Aizawl on New Years Evening on December 31.

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