Devoleena calls Shamita a 'worm'

3 former contestants Rashami Desai, Devoleena and Rakhi Sawant have made a huge entry in the country's famous reality show Bigg Boss 15. But even before entering the show, Devoleena is seen targeting Shamita Shetty and even after appearing on the show, Devoleena is leaving no opportunity to get angry with Shamita and humiliate her. Devoleena's behaviour for Shamita in the upcoming episode of the show will not be tolerated by Salman Khan and he will be seen scolding her.

In fact, the promo video of the show reveals that a task in Sunday's war episode leads to an argument between Devoleena and Shamita. In the task, the contestants were asked to read slogans for the housemates who they don't like. Devoleena passes comments reading slogans for Shamita and says- Shamita is a diamond from above but a worm from inside. Shamita is shocked to hear this from Devoleena.



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Then, Shamita speaks to Devoleena when her turn comes – don't consider yourself the top Devoleena, you are the most flop. Devoleena gets angry on hearing this and gets angry on Shamita. Devoleena says - This is your attitude, which is coming out like a worm in front of everyone. Salman Khan does not like Devoleena's down-the-belt talk at all. Salman interrupts Devoleena and says – Devoleena, you have been after Shamita since you came into the house. Looks like you have a complex with it. Devoleena says on Salman's rebuke – Sir this is my opinion. On this, Salman tells her that it seems that you are taking the help of Shamita to appear. Now it will have to be seen in the next episodes to what extent their fight goes.

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