'PM Modi bad, ISIS terrorist Shamima Begum a great woman...', this is the agenda of BBC!
'PM Modi bad, ISIS terrorist Shamima Begum a great woman...', this is the agenda of BBC!

London: Britain's propaganda media organization BBC has once again been embroiled in controversy. Earlier, the BBC had made a controversial documentary blaming PM Narendra Modi for the Gujarat riots. The controversy had not even subsided yet that the BBC released a documentary on Shamima Begum, who voluntarily joined the terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on Tuesday (February 7) night.

BBC has tried to show this terrorist woman as a celebrity under its agenda like Shamima Begum did some great work by joining ISIS. People have not liked this act of BBC and many people who have seen it are now talking about not taking BBC's license again. Let us tell you that to watch BBC programs on TV in Britain, some fixed amount has to be paid annually. A user tweeted before the BBC program aired saying, 'Shamima Begum's story on BBC at 9 pm.., I will not be able to watch that pile of filth. When she went there (to ISIS), she knew what she was doing. Surprised that BBC is giving it airtime.'

Another user commented, "BBC has shown Shamima Begum as a 'weak young girl'. A music track, moody shots, depict tears falling beautifully for the camera. It would have been better if they had shown some of the families of those killed and tortured by her ISIS associates." At the same time, Shamima Begum informed BBC that, ''I flew from Gatwick to Istanbul, where an ISIS handler was waiting for me with a bus. When I fled the country, I did not know about the 'atrocities' associated with the terrorist group.'' 


Shamima Begum further said that even after watching the horrifying videos of ISIS, she had not changed her mind. She said she wanted to return to the UK and appealed against the decision to deprive her of her British citizenship. ISIS terrorist Begum told the BBC, 'I am living in a refugee camp in northern Syria. It is 'worse than prison'. I hate myself deep down, at least with the prison sentence you know it's going to end. But here, you don't know whether it is going to end or not.'

Let us inform you that, this is not the first time when BBC has run an agenda in favor of terrorism, BBC's reports often contain anti-India and terrorism and Pakistan-supporting reports. But, it is ironic that people like Prashant Bhushan and Mahua Moitra are also supporting BBC in anti-India propaganda.

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