Be aware! Don’t commit these mistakes while trying to weight loss…check detail inside

Apr 17 2019 05:53 PM
Be aware! Don’t commit these mistakes while trying to weight loss…check detail inside

Many of us have hit the gym with a vengeance, gone on drastic diet plans and resorted to other extreme measures to lose weight and look good. But some of the habits could actually sabotage your weight loss goals. Here are some weight loss mistakes that any good fitness expert will never make and neither should you.

Going on liquid diets and crash diets

Make sure you are eating balanced meals to see long-lasting results. Going on these kind of diets can negatively impact not just your weight but also your overall health.

Skimping on sleep

Eating right and exercising regularly alone won’t make you lose weight. You will need to ensure you get enough sleep. Several studies have shown that lack of sufficient, restful sleep can lead to weight gain.

Randomly cutting down calories

While it’s a good idea to skip that dessert, you can’t skip healthy food in order to lessen your calorie intake. Insufficient calorie intake slows down metabolism, starves your body and leads your body to use both fat and muscles for energy. Ensure you create a calorie deficit between 500 to 1000 calories. Also, make sure that you are eating the requisite amount of protein which is needed for muscle growth. Don’t skip meals.

Rigorous cardio and no strength training

Think you’re losing weight by spending more time on the treadmill? This may lead to loss muscles. What you need to do is balance cardio with strength training. Do cardio two to three times a week and do weight training the rest of the days. Strength training will ensure you build muscles.

Eating ‘diet’ or ‘sugar-free’ foods

These food labels serve only one purpose, that of selling products. Be smart and try to avoid anything that comes in packets. Eat natural foods including fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, meat, seeds and legumes.

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