Be aware! These foods can kill your Sex Drive, Sex life

This is quite ironical when you consider the idea that most men choose alcohol daily to keep their sex-drive alive. However, when you think of the common habit of many women to use alcohol in dousing their unfulfilled sexual desires, the effect of alcohol indeed becomes obvious. Alcohol continues to fool many men everyday. If you want to live the life of a real man, you need to go light on your drinks. That was surprising!

Corn Flakes

The revelation should come as shocking to you that Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, the first maker of this cereal product, actually intended to lower the sex drive of consumers! Seriously, wtf were you thinking, Mr. Kellogg! Why is this godforsaken revenge on humanity? One gets to wonder if he found it first hand and went forward with a twisted plan! Pur succinctly, forget all those ads where they show a romantic husband bringing in a breakfast of corn flakes to a lovely wife!

Dairy products these days

Nowadays, in the era of ‘animal farming’, manufacturers poison the cattle with chemicals to increase the production of milk. It does not end there even. The obtained milk further undergoes a series of chemical processing and packaging. In addition, the chemicals seeping in from the polymer packaging to the milk further worsens it. Plastic is a petroleum product, and yes it contaminates the food wrapped in it! Colored platic packets are the worst. Try to buy organic foods from farmer’s stores. Try to obtain food from your kitchen garden! Check out ideas such as ‘Square Foot Gardening’ and ‘Heirloom Seeds’. These can help you grow your own food. Yes, dairy also includes cheese. You may want to go light on the cheese-burst pizzas also.


Soy is a vegan, healthy replacement of meat protein. However, soy products also contain phytoestrogens. These are hormonal chemicals actually competing with the natural testosterone level of the body. Besides lowering your sex drive, soy can cause development of ‘man boobs’, and other fertility issues.

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Stay away from menthol products if you want to retain your libido. Mint does what it is supposed to do! It cools the body. It really cools your body, even at the inside. Many men resort to mint based gums and lozenges to deal with bad breath issues before kissing. In reality, you may not even feel like kissing after taking mint.

Fried, junk food

Keep out a fast food outlet from the list of places to go for a romantic dinner. Fast food companies go heavy in including chemicals, and genetically modified components in your food. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand the effects of these ingredients on your sex drive.


These foods have almost indefinite shelf-life, and any eatable that stays ‘fresh’ for a month is not good! Science says the genetically modified ingredients cause abnormal sperm production in men. It is simply common sense to understand that a food altered at the genetic level is not going to bode well with your gene carriers (aka sperms). Occasional hamburgers and French fries is okay, but refrain from making these your daily diet.

Soda and alcohol

It is truly shocking that the commonest food combos are harmful at your libido. A bottle of aerated beverage is only usual with a hamburger or French fries. However, this ‘usual’ hampers the ‘normal’ of your body. The thick concentrate of chemicals and sweeteners in these beverages affect your sex hormone levels negatively. In fact, both hard and soft drinks are sex-drive killers.

The Crispies

A pack of potato chips is commoner than the commonest nowadays. However, it is good to know that these crispies are soaked in bad fat. They make you feel bloated and lower your sex drive significantly on regular consumption.

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