Be Beware of webcam blackmails

Dec 01 2016 11:00 AM
Be Beware of webcam blackmails

The virtual world is riskier than the actual world we all know that, and also very much bigger than actual. They are a lot of people who are ready to take advantage of your innocence. But according to recent reports, the latest and advance risk is a webcam, which is already doubled itself in no. cases from last year. The number of a person reported in 2016 about webcam blackmails is more than double from 2015. In 2015 number of people is 385 but is 2016 number is 864.

According to crime Agency, there are many people still present who don’t report about webcam blackmail. And they all tell that it is the significant reason to worry about because it is very easy to be caught by webcam blackmail.

Around 95% of the victims are boys. Girls lure the boys basically of young age, teenagers or people of age from 50 to 70. The reason behind this is they get attract easily to a girl because of physical attraction."Sextortion" is a form of blackmail where criminals use fake identities to befriend victims online before persuading them to perform sexual acts in front of their webcam.

"This is often because victims feel ashamed or embarrassed, but of course criminals are relying on that reaction in order to succeed,” are according to the authority of crime agency. Several people kill themselves because they are ashamed and almost stuck into this web of crooks. 

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