Be the change, for the better change !

Now-a-days the wrestle between human and water in India, hardly unknown by any, especially by people of Maharashtra. Well, I think in our schooling we all learn how plants help in raining.However ,to cure the illness named “Drought” permanently at this time is not possible, but we can prevent future sickness by taking some small steps.

      "It is not merely that the world is bettered by saving, replacing, and multiplying trees.  It is that an aim of this kind becomes an impulse towards developing a mood and an outlook, which will increasingly make it natural to think for the future, for other people, for generations yet unborn. Planting a tree is a symbol of a looking-forward kind of action; looking forward, yet not too distantly." -Richard St. Barbe Baker

Reading something good left impression but to follow that impression, will give you pure wind, water and healthy lifestyle. Today, we are all called upon to walk in Baker's footsteps. There are so many people in the world, who contribute in it, and you will glad to know some are from India also. The Indian citizens who stopped complaining about issues and trying to solve it by own. Cursing government every-time are not only an option .Take a step ahead and the change automatically come to you .

Do you know what some Indians are doing??? No let’s know first-

Priyanka Bhadoriya, 22 year old newlywed from Madhya Pradesh had put a strange demand in front of her in-law, what you will be thinking is totally wrong, she didn’t demand for gold, diamond or luxury life, but she demanded to create her own luxurious life by planting 10,000 plants. 

While, there are so many other individuals and NGO too are working for it like-‘Save Green’, ‘ Hariyali Tane’ and more.

Amul India, the milk banner celebrated the past nine  Independent day in a unique way by planting tree all over the Gujarat and in nine year they have planted around 592.1 lakhs tree. 

So, choose your own way. Don’t ask for a change, but do the change.

By~Kajal Thakur

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