Beach Lovers: Head towards Australia for Christmas

Australia is a beautiful country. If you are not a great lover of snow than Australia could be an amazing place to enjoy your Christmas with some incredible and breathtaking beaches. Let me tell you also that Christmas in Australia is important. Of course, there's the origin of this festive time of year, and it's also about the spirit of giving. But perhaps most of all, Christmas is about being with those people you really care about. Almost every single corner of our great land relishes its local Carols by Candlelight, makes the most of our amazing summer weather with an array of outdoor activities, and above all prioritizes quality time spent with those we love. And many families have a great tradition of getting away from it all at Christmas time when the weather is usually amazing. Luckily, there are so many places in Australia that make excellent Christmas destinations,



As one of the best-known places in the world, Sydney really is a great place to be at Christmas time too. The city streets, buildings and trees are lit up with decorations, there are Christmas concerts and fireworks, a huge city Carols, and as we all know, Sydney is simply one of the best places on earth to be for New Years.


Melbourne really knows how to do Christmas, as it is celebrated as nothing short of a city-wide festival each year. Driving around the city and suburbs at night to see all the lights is a real treat for kids and adults, and Melbourne is one of the best places on earth for Christmas shopping. The New Year's fireworks rival Sydney's, the Melbourne Star is like agiant Christmas decoration you can ride, and there's so much more.

Gold Coast

Let's face it, the Gold Coast is a great place to visit all year round. But at Christmas, it's even more magical, with events like Broadbeach Carols, a skydiving Santa in Coolangatta that the kids will just love, outdoor Christmas markets, and the famous theme parks that really embrace this time of the year, like a light display and parade at Warner Bros Movie World.


If Australia's natural beauty is what makes you really love Christmas in this country, then Tasmania might be your chosen destination. If you want a white Christmas, choose some of the island's beautiful white beaches – or you might even find some of the real white stuff at the top of a mountain!


It may be a small regional city of Victoria, but many people will never forget the Christmas they spent in Mildura. The local Carol is a seven-decade tradition and one of the most intimate and heart-warming you will find anywhere in the country, but it's only the centerpiece of some of the best community-minded Christmas celebrations you will find.


Travelling from Brisbane to Mildura is easy, and once there, the family will love the best bits of Australia's magnificent Murray River, the Mediterranean-style weather, world-famous food and wine, and so much more. 

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