Peels of fruits are also beneficial for beauty

Jan 31 2021 05:39 PM
Peels of fruits are also beneficial for beauty

The fruit which is beneficial for health, and along with that the peels that you have thrown in the dustbin so far are also beneficial. Today we are going to tell you about the benefits of peels.

Apple peels - Cut fresh peels and keep them around the eyes. Dark circles will be away. In addition, you can dry these peels and use them to make tea. You can also rub it on the skin.

Potato Peel - It is also very useful. Boil the potatoes well and peel them. Acne is cured by rubbing these peels on the face.

Melon peels - Watermelon is a favourite fruit of many people. Do not throw away the peels, instead make their delicious pickles. Rubbing it on the face makes the dark skin disappear.

Orange Peel - Make a paste by adding a little rose water to the powder of orange peel and apply it on the face. This increases the beauty of the face and removes stains.

Banana Peels - If the insect bites and itching and burning sensation, the inner part of the banana peel gets scrubbed. Yellowing of teeth is also removed by banana peels. Rubbing the banana peels on the teeth makes the teeth glow. Banana peel has also proved beneficial for the eyes. Keeping the banana peel on the eyes, the fatigue of the eyes disappears. Such antioxidants are found in bananas that protect our eyes from the strong rays of sunlight. To get rid of warts that occur in the hands and feet, placing the banana peel on it can help to get rid of warts. Applying eggs and banana peel paste on the face can be used to get rid of wrinkles on the face. Consuming banana peel can help to get rid of diseases like depression.

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