Do these Yog-Asanas to release excessive body heat

Jul 27 2020 10:02 AM
Do these Yog-Asanas to release excessive body heat

In the summer season, everyone feels hot, but some people have too much heat in their body. Due to which the feeling of dizziness and nervousness starts. If you are struggling with this kind of problem then you should take help of yoga. Body temperature can be controlled with the help of yoga. 

Sheetali Pranayama
Pranayama helps to calm the body and your mind. To do Sheetali Pranayama, sit in the posture of Sukhasana. Then take a deep breath, roll up the tongue, leave it outside. It is good to do this process for eleven times. This pranayama reduces the temperature of the body and calms the mind as well.

Bhramari pranayama
This pranayama is very fruitful to keep the body and mind cool. To do this pranayama, close the eyes and ears with the middle and ring finger respectively. Also, keep the index finger on the forehead and pronounce the sound M. However, this Yogasan should not be done by elderly people.

By doing this asana, blood flow increases towards the brain. Cervical and hypertensive patients should not do this yoga practice at all. Lie on your yoga mate on your back. After this, lift both legs upwards without bending your knees. Then rest your elbows on the ground and support the waist with both hands. Then move both legs straight upwards and make a 90-degree angle. Stay in this position for a while and then slowly lower and bring your feet.

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