Beautiful picture of Democracy seen in Khureji area of Delhi over CAA and NRC
Beautiful picture of Democracy seen in Khureji area of Delhi over CAA and NRC

New Delhi: What will be the beautiful picture of democracy that both CAA and NRC are being opposed and supported at one place in Khureji area of East Delhi. The gap between the two is just a wall. At the same time, both sides are trying to raise public opinion by keeping their sayings. In Khureji, hundreds of women from around the country have opened their front in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). She has sat on a sit-in demonstration. It has been learned that a large plot lying exactly equal to the Khureji Petrol Pump has been made a sit-in. She sat on the strike all night in the bitter cold. On Tuesday, some students from Jamia, JNU, DU and other institutions came to support them.

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According to information received from sources, this women said that CAA is against the constitution. Their protest will continue till it is withdrawn. Several social workers including Yogendra Yadav reached there on Monday night. But Yogendra Yadav has called it the second Shaheen Bagh. Sitting with her two-year-old child, Salma said that she will continue to perform peacefully in every situation.

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At the same time, it is also being said that in the Vivekananda Yogashram, some people are agitating in support of the CAA, exactly equal to this protest venue. Acharya of Vivekananda Yogashram, Dr Vikramaditya told that a support tour was taken out on Sunday in support of CAA. People of the area participated in it. Acharya said that this yatra was organized for the support of the CAA and for the benefit of the country. Some people around are sitting here in support of CAA.

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